Have you reached a point where you simply need more room in your home, would like more living space or an extra room? An extension can provide extra space for your family bathroom, en-suite, kitchen, open plan dinning room and much more, the possibilities are endless.

Home Extensions and Conversions

OPC Building Services Ltd have been helping families across Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London to improve the use of space in their homes through garage conversions, loft conversions, side and rear extensions and maximize their living potential.

Rear and Side Extension

Many of our satisfied customers have added considerable living space to their homes with the addition of a ground floor, single storey house extension, to either the side or the rear of their existing property.

This type of extension is perfect for creating a second reception room, downstairs bathroom or bedroom, or to give you a larger kitchen and dining room area.

Loft Conversion

We will overcome all difficult and technical issues to ensure that your conversion is completed professionally and to the standard you would expect. It is our number one priority to provide an excellent service to our customers with as little interruption to your lives. 

Home Extensions

Single Storey Rear Extension

These have proved to be the most popular with people when choosing to extend their living space and create an open plan kitchen and dining area, ideal for family life.  A flat roof rear extension is often lit by introducing atriums or flat roof domes to add natural light into the extension and the existing living space.

Single Side Extension

These are ideal for opening up a kitchen area, creating a utility room/WC with the possibility of a garage or study area or even a downstairs bedroom, accessed from an integral door in the hallway.

Double Side Extension

Full planning permission is required for this type of extension and also where the width is not a problem these can be built to create much more living space, i.e. bedroom, utility room, bigger bathroom, study area or a garage.

Loft Conversion

Roof Light or Velux Conversion

A Velux or Roof light conversion allows you to convert your existing loft space without changing the existing shape of your property. Adding Velux windows to your roof will create natural light and ventilation.

In addition, VELUX offers many types of decoration and sun screening, roller shutters, installation products, products for remote control and thermal solar panels for installation in roofs.

Generally this is the least expensive way to convert your loft.

Mansard Conversion

A Mansard refers to a style of hip roof characterised by two slopes on each of its four sides with the lower slope being much steeper, almost a vertical wall, while the upper slope, usually not visible from the ground, is pitched at the minimum needed to shed water.

This form of conversion makes maximum use of the interior space of the loft. Often the decorative potential of the Mansard is exploited through the use of convex or concave curvature and with elaborate dormer window surrounds, Velux windows or French doors.


Hip to Gable Conversion

This involves changing your hip ended roof into what is known as a Gable ended roof. This will give you greater head height and enable you to have either a Velux conversion as above or add a rear dormer as below.

A hip to Gable conversion, involves changing your hipped or sloping roof into what is known as a Gable ended roof. This type of conversion dramatically increases the size and usable volume of a loft conversion and enables you to add a Velux conversion as above or a rear dormer as below.

If your property has a hipped roof on the side (slopes on 3 or 4 sides) we can convert to a gable end. This then hides the rear dormer. They are slightly more expensive than a normal rear dormer loft conversion, but the increase in space more than justifies the expense.


Dormer Conversion

A dormer is a structural element of a building that protrudes from the plane of a sloping roof surface.

Dormers can be placed on the rear, front or side of the property, Rear dormers being the most common.

Dormers can accommodate windows and French doors, Velux windows can be placed on the front of the roof creating natural light and ventilation to all rooms. The dormer can be finished externally in tile, cladding or render.

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