Maintaining properties with boiler, central heating and plumbing services

At OPC Building Services Ltd, we’re committed to delivering efficient, reliable and trustworthy installation, maintenance and repair services. Our experienced engineers are qualified across a variety of specialisms, which ensures we can provide top quality boiler, heating and plumbing services.

Boilers - Central Heating - Gas Safe Certificate


Boilers & Heating

All boiler systems will need to be repaired at some point, but many delay installation because of the perceived cost and hassle it will involve. However, postponing a long overdue install can increase the risk of faults, breakdowns and safety issues. 

At OPC Building Services Ltd, we’ll ensure your boiler installation runs smoothly. With a range of budget-friendly options, you can find a safe and low-cost boiler for your property or opt for something more advanced.

As well as delivering a seamless and efficient install, we can provide routine maintenance checks to ensure your boiler is in tip-top condition. This increases the lifespan of a boiler and maximises energy efficiency

Boilers & Heating Engineers

Your boiler is an essential part of your home for family wellbeing and also within your business premises. It has to be in consistent peak condition to ensure continuous safety, warmth and comfort

Full Installation

We install modern heating systems from standard pumped two-pipe systems to luxurious under-floor heating solutions.

Boiler Replacements

Boilers need to be replaced periodically as they eventually become unsafe and inefficient. OPC Building Services Ltd will assess your boiler’s condition, give you an honest appraisal and only when necessary, help you decide on a new boiler.


OPC Building Services Ltd installs, services and repairs all kinds of radiators, including traditional, designer, and vertical. Today, we understand that radiators can sometimes be about more than just heating but can make a real design statement in a room.

Boiler Service & Maintenance

Regular servicing is essential for efficiency and safety.

Boiler Gas Safe Certification

We have qualified engineers able to provide certification for all gas appliance installations and servicing on both domestic and non-domestic systems.


OPC Building Services Ltd has a 12 month guarantee on all work carried out by our professional team.

Boiler Installation

Worcester-Bosch Group are the UK’s market leader in domestic boilers, committed to manufacturing to the highest standard and the gas boilers are still manufactured at their headquarters in Worcester.

The Worcester 25i is a direct replacement from Worcester for the ever popular 24i Junior boiler, Britain’s most installed combi boiler. The Worcester Greenstar 25i combi boiler is a perfect choice for small properties (flats, bungalows and small houses) and is able to service up to 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

  • Central Heating Output: 24kW
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Output: 25kW
  • Hot Water Flowrate: 10.2 litres/minute
  • Manufacturer Product number: 7733600012
Does not include filling link

Although they look very similar on the outside, the new magnetic flap opens to reveal a brand new layout. Now featuring a digital display, the 25i is also fully compatible with Worcester’s range of Comfort controls (various options available) as well as the Wave.

Worcester Bosch

Combi Boiler
£ 1400
  • Combi Boiler 25i
  • Green Star
  • Fully Fitted

Central Heating Systems

Supplied - Installed - Guaranteed

If your entire central heating system needs replacing, it’s often beneficial to carry out the work as one project. In addition to replacing your existing boiler, our hardworking team can remove and replace radiators and pipework too.

Of course, it isn’t always necessary to replace an entire central heating system. If one or two radiators are outdated or beyond repair, we can replace the faulty radiators and ensure your existing system remains fully functional.

Central Heating System Cost Example

Central Heating Installation
£ 3'500
  • Worcester Combi Boiler 25i
  • Green Star
  • Fully Fitted
  • x5 Radiators
  • All Pipework and Plumbing

Gas Safety Certificate

We have qualified engineers able to provide certification for all gas appliance installations and servicing on both domestic and non-domestic systems.

The safety checks needed annually for gas appliances are:

  • Domestic: Landlord or homeowner gas safety record (CP12)
  • Non-domestic: Gas installation safety report (CP17)

An annual CP12 is a legal requirement for landlords of tenanted properties. Although it’s not a legal requirement for homeowners, it is needed for most boiler manufacturer warranties, and usually for home insurance policies too.

Prices from £80

Meeting your legal obligations

As a landlord, you’ll have various legal duties and obligations. Under the Landlords and Tenants Act (1985), for example, you’re required to provide your tenants with hot water and heating. Furthermore, tenants are entitled to have heating facilities in every room that’s occupied. When the temperature outside drops to 1°C, the heating facilities in your property must be capable of reaching at least 18°C in bedrooms and 21° in other rooms.

This means you need to have a safe and functional boiler and central heating system in order to let your property legally.

Whilst breakdowns and faults do happen from time to time, you’ll be expected to resolve them within a few days, or you could be held accountable. Furthermore, the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 mean you’ll need to maintain your boiler and appliances at least annually and have any work certified by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

At OPC Building Services Ltd, we have a team of Gas Safe registered technicians available for boiler and central heating system installation, checks and maintenance. With an in-depth understanding of what it takes to keep your rental property safe, legal and occupied, we’ll ensure your heating and hot water systems provide the peace of mind you need.

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